Thursday, 26 April 2012

Phase I: Library.a.

Situated off the Dining Room through doorway smack-dab in the centre of the E wall; perfect for a secluded "adult" space in the house & full of morning light.

Wowie this carpet is grody! And not in a steam-clean-&-fix kinda gross, but synthetic and 1980's and stained with (gag) many stains i don't want to think about. So... needless to say it comes OUT! So very satisfying.

Light fixture in the centre of the ceiling will also be re-located, to suit a more sophisticated space. As well, some wall on the North end replaced (from past water damage).

A relatively small space, with simple renovations.

In place of the hideous carpet, we've sourced some Bamboo hardwood (I know.. I know... a different flooring again? I'm crazy? noooooooooo! well, yes, but... you don't get to judge me) and it goes in lickity split. I will justify the flooring choice by it being a. the same tone as the hardwood throughout the Main floor, and b. that a door will break the space apart from the rest of the house.

Elements of Design:
Retrofitting the off-the-shelf bookcases that came with the house will be a several-week-long project to become built-ins. Plus, we must have a place to house the babies (vintage record player, reel-to-reel, vinyl collection). I'm envisioning glossy teal bookcases... yowza! We want to create something vibe-ing on the subtly alluring, artistically moody, and play to the "adult" space of the room.

Sightline is direct from the Dining Room, so decor will evolve simultaneously. The Dining Room is proving my design nemesis... darn you Dining Room!

The ceiling is a gong-show (different levels, slope), but we hope to remedy that with some keen design & furniture placement. We could coffer or place false-beams in the ceiling to transition the eye... but I'm totally not feeling it.

Mmmmmmmmm... this space will be studiously delicious!

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