Saturday, 28 April 2012

Phase I: Master Bedroom.a.

Master Bedroom:
Located on the E wall (contrary to the little compass that I can not figure out how to change... grumble) of the 2nd floor. Originally two bedrooms, by removing a wall they will be combined into the Master Bedroom (the second bedroom will also be partially used to expand the Family Bath).
Changes have already evolved from this floorplan (created before deconstruction in January): we are omitting the built-in closet in the Master Bedroom, and opting for a wardrobe instead. We are so

Sunporch. We moved in and immediately began to seal the windows & doors for energy efficiency, so as of yet, I have not stepped foot into this sweet-little-cherry-ontop of a Sunporch. All good things...

Removing the lathe & plaster walls between the two bedrooms was messy: 10,000 bucketloads of refuse were carried down a flight & 1/2 of stairs (thanks, teenager!).  

Upon changing the load bearing wall, we discovered that sistering the ceiling joists would be a capital idea. Much more plaster & lathe travelled down the stairs. Yay?

Next Up:
Moving the Bath wall & laying/repairing sub-floor. Electrical, drywall, paint and flooring. We are laying in wait to complete Phase I of this project before advancing... oh time/money!

In the meanwhile... I'm dreaming Zen bubbles of a Sunporch morning meditation (le sigh)!

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