Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Phase I: Main floor Bath.b.

We're a fun, light, happy family... 
In addition to the fun, light, happy vibes of my dream powder rooms... 3 out of 4 have flowers. There will be a place for flowers in this Bath... oh yes, yes there will be.

Elements of Design:
We've chosen a classic and inexpensive 18 x 12" highgloss white ceramic tile, drawing from the white fixtures we are keeping. Tile will be laid in a subway pattern.

There is a sightline from the Kitchen to the Main Bath, pulling the clean white lines and dark expresso hardwood from the Kitchen into play. We plan to reuse some dark wicker baskets, and attain a cabinet in a similar dark wood to bring these elements into the space.

For the main walls I'm drawn to something bright, something bold, and something that compliments the transitional elements from the Kitchen, yet it's own distinct room. Yellow for the win! Ideally yellow & white mingling in a geometric pattern for a crisp & structured style. Our dream wallpaper Imperial Trellis by F.Schumacher & Co. would retail at over $1250 for our little Bathroom... which makes me wince and froth... very scary. So... not finding anything comparable (in style or affordability) I do a little digging on ye ole Google... 

...and then this is the part where you find out that I'm a little batshit crazy... because I am going to stencil and paint by hand our own supercool "wallpaper" thankyouverymuchSchumacher&Co. 

15 hours into this project I realize I'd sure better really LOVE this (with a calculated 45 more hours to go). No jokes. Patience is a virtue... and books on tape a blessing.

The tutorial is from jonesdesigncompany, and the overall effect will be what we are looking for... if not a little Moroccan. Yay me? But at $12 total for a brush and very small can of low VOC Yellow Gold, we are pleased to save some serious coin and not sacrifice style.

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