Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Present and History

Present Kitchen:
Location: Basement
Luxuries: electric stove, mini-fridge, sink
Favourite Quote: "It's like camping with all your stuff..."

According to Revenue Canada we live below the poverty line. Truth is, we live like Kings (save the political debate or economic rant for another blog). This is our present Kitchen, and we grumble about it being a flight of stairs from the Dining Room.

Present Living Room, Dining Room, Library:
Location: Main floor Living Room
Luxuries: all our daily possessions within an arms reach.
Favourite quote: "Well... it's bigger than Pearl..." (Pearl is our '78 VW microbus)

When we moved from our twenty-something 600 sq.ft. bungalow (which Yes, by the way, was always disgustingly tidy) we didn't think we had a lot of stuff. We purged our environment of unnecessary items regularly, confirming intent of our superior minimalist lifestyle. 223 was neat and everything had it's place. Then we took everything out of it's place and put it into this 1900+ sq.ft. 2 1/2 storey with a double garage, and there is no place for the stuff... it's all over the place... a clutter-a-thon (as if the bungalow was a Tardis somehow much bigger on the inside that on the outside)... where did all this stuff come from? Oh hubris!

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