Sunday, 24 March 2013

Phase II: Master Bedroom.d. (90% complete)


Master Bedroom:
Seen here in it's "winter" clothes, is where the magic happens. Bha-ha-ha.

Beige has been compromised with strong rich blues.
That creamy forever teal was stitched into pooling draperies, paired with wedding-white sheers (and to enhance privacy further, a scrolled frost was applied to the lower 3/4 of the windows). Blue/White linens, with the addition of wool ikat, snow leopard print, and muppet-blue blankets (the winter clothes). Artwork applied in style. Vintage Farstrup chair with original orange tweed seatcover was the jumping off point for the orange accents.
The man is pleased, blue + orange are his favourite :)

Next Up:
Full-length mirror is a must, which is proposed to be constructed onto the South side of the PAX wardrobe & supporting wall (behind the door). A thick frame with large floor-to-ceiling mirror will obscure the PAX from the side (existing baseboard/trim to be removed). Feng Shui say no-no-no to a mirror across from the bed, but this house has suffered much compromise in it's pokey-old ways to ultimate flow. I'm sure we'll be fine...?

Hairpin Vanity:
I am handcrafting a narrow hairpin-leg vanity: to be situated on the far side of the window to replace the hanging shelf currently used for said vanity. Hotness.

Plaster cast ring for chandelier on ceiling:
Yah... she's glossy & blue, folks! Ha ha... 'twas fun to coat her in slick gawdy paint. LEDs to come... and then she needs one more touch: a cast-plaster moulding under the mounting hardware, and she'll be tip top. Perhaps a sputnuk chandelier in the future...

Bedside lamps & tables:
IKEA is cute (bedside tables), but 2 of them is too much... will source or DIY something else for the non-dresser side of the bed later.
And a must to replace the cheap-o clip-on lights with some hanging lamps of some cool variety... sourcing.

The Sunporch:
It's true, I still have not set foot in this brilliant East-facing porch. A new door (that will not require to be sealed shut!) is on the list of Kijiji hunts. Can't say more about what will need to happen inside until we can get inside!

MCM dresser:
To replace the Ikea MALM one... ya know... something with soul.

Perhaps a few more tweaks & whistles --- but we are happy to finally at long last for-goodness-sake's-already announce the birth of our bouncing blue bedroom! Whee!

Edit: We've added "FINAL" to this post... cuz in retrospect & comparison to the rest of this abode, it's pretty much 96% there :)

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