Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Phase II: Living Room.c. (update)

Ah hahahahahaaaaa....heeeeeheeeeeee.... oh sorry... was just browsing through this young and ambitious dreamscape of our Living Room and couldn't stop laughing... hahaha........ yah didn't work out that way. Oh process... you beautiful thing, you.

But... spring-summer has landed here on the great expanse of prairie and with it another tweak to the Living Space (plus a borrowed chair while it waits in cue to get new upholstering). Here's some eye-candy & layout clues:

Phase Z. Basement Suite (update)

After 10 days solid (because, ya know, the man is a superhero) of dusty dirty demo... this is where our beautiful suite is at:

Cozy lookin', ain't it?

Waiting on structural/plumbing/electrical/hvac, a new window to meet egress, a few changes to the "plan" to meet legal code, and we're off to the races! Hope to have walls up in about 9 months... geeeeeeeeeez... it's difficult to fathom............... how about we just LOOK OVER THERE and try not to think about all the work between now & then, ok? Ok.