Monday, 4 June 2012

Phase I: Main floor Bath.c. (90% Complete)

90% Complete:
Decor is the last puzzle piece for this room. Exiting-a-zing-a-ling-zing!
Remember that time I confessed being batshit crazy? Totally. Worth. It. Must say, the contractor, cabinet guy, installer guy, countertop guy, electricians, and plumbers are certainly skeptics of the moroccan yellow, but y'all don't have vision if you are amongst that crowd.

Porcelain 12x18 floor tiles, low-flow dual-flush toilet, trim & baseboards in + painted, classic lighting, and textured-glass french door. Whew! I dare say that this will be the first "finished" room of the house... which was not according to plan, but we are a o k with this happy hiccup.

Next Up:
Accessories, Furniture, Decor... my favourite tiny touches that home-i-fy the space. I've missed seeing our tchotchke's & doodads packed in storage for 8 months. Vintage-look screen-prints, paint touchups, final hardware touchups, the coolest litterbox ever for my furry babies, and we're ready to scream uncle.

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  1. That looks amazing! Well done!