Thursday, 7 June 2012

Phase I. Dining Room.b.

My design "challenge" room so far, but it is coming together. Originally we were thinking dark & moody... but things have turned and I've reneged upon a "white walls are bad" attitude. Surprise! 

Searching for inspiration... revisiting Wright's Falling Water until dreaming strictly in Bauhaus, something clicked for me yesterday while contemplating the Panton chair.  

Wegner's wishbone chair. Paired with our cherry dining table (a sentimental piece being our first "real" furniture together as a couple) upon a natural fibre (hemp weave) rug, and sourcing out a mid-modern credenza (fingers crossed!) are now the jumping-off point(s). 

Next Up:
Locating some of the actual furniture pieces without breaking the bank, completing the construction of walls & architectural elements. Painting... ah yes... still struggling with the aspect of colour in this room (though it's obvious how I feel about Teal)... we'll have to see what develops once the Kitchen, Library, and Living room (all adjacent to the Dining Room) are well on their way... (still waiting on the Kitchen btw).

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