Sunday, 24 March 2013

Phase III: Garden.a. (update)

Dig diggity dig dig dig diggin' up the existing pretties (rhubarb, lillies, green onions, etc.).
Well... once the snow dissipates. Will it ever? I dunno... it's hard not to take 8' of snow piled high on the Spring Equinox as a sign of winterpocalypse doom & gloom. Saskatchewan amnesia is in full bloom (every year we forget our extreme manic character-building seasons, so as to endure them come 'round again).

(3D rendering)

We will be constructing self-wicking beds so we can get food-production started, then move on to the rest at a later date. This year is still mega hard-core renovation territory, so there is little time/budget to be spread around = priorities become clear. (Also on the 2013 summer docket: rebuilding the fence with our Neighbours to the North, repairing the extensive damage from the taint licking roofing debacle, and painting the desperate exterior. Casualties of our plan due to general assholery of said roofers circumstance: refinishing the hardwood, Dining Room and Living Room, and building the deck). Rolling with it...


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