Thursday, 28 March 2013

Phase III: Exterior

This is what she was wearing when we moved in...
...and the Realtors pic of the back-ass (looks different now with Kitchen remodel patio doors & soon to look different-er with new Library window needed from the roofing debacle, and is at the moment covered in, like, 25' of spring snow).
Cedar siding. This was a welcome boost to morale... real wood wahoo!
Character Home with great shapes & just a wee gingerbreading potential ;)
Corner lot.
Double Garage.
Lots and lots and lots of LOTS of surface area.

Eaves, Soffits & Fascia:
Due to the roofing debacle and subsequent damage to the eaves, soffits & fascia (the underbits of the roofing), there is the expense of time & money to replace 90% of them. Grumble. Plus it's kinda scary to send the man way way up there, power tools in hand, fastened by only a harness... call me a worry-wort Idareyou. This will take a lot of time... there is a lot buttload of damage.

We were given the most superb advice on painting the exterior: start with the side/s you can see, or choose to paint one side each year (the former working best for the home that just needs a re-coat in the same colour scheme). Heeding this advice... we'll start with the visible 3 sides... hahaha... and the 3 visible sides on the Garage too. Hiphiphoorah for living on a corner!
She's in rough paint-peeling shape & needing a makeover. While we must tediously scrape & re-paint her whole facade, why not in a fun colour scheme? Yah... we could not think of a good reason not to either.
So... wish us luck! Or... send us Starbucks gift cards & beer... or send us your misbehaving children to punished by having to help us slave away in the hot prairie summer sun and beer/coffee. We'll be starting come June & be at 'er all summer long......

Palette Choices:
Our unchanging elements: the front door is charcoal steel, the inner window (the part immediately framing the glass) is/will be white. Input on palette is welcome, we have not decided yet!

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  1. For your exterior I'm voting on Seaside. Mik