Monday, 25 March 2013

Phase II. Kitchen.e. (FINAL)

(FINAL... for now):
'Twas a long road , folks. Looking at the timeline we get weepy... a year + a bit ago we were far from realization of this bright & cheerful place we share so much family-time.

Man-built island in & complete with electrical, doors, and hardware. Drawer interiors organized. The Nelson cigar pendant found a home. Pop-inspired decor complete. Hoorah!

Still to Come:
Island lights:
We are still lukewarm about the brushed-bronze Schoolhaus pendants, finding them in competition with the Nelson (nook) & vintage milk glass (sink) ... keeping an eye out for a handsome vintage pair that will satiate our picky palette & craving for soul pieces.

Large incoming Artpiece will inhabit the S wall, which is now occupied by a desk from the waterdamaged Library.

Smart us made the fixed elements timeless & neutral, not more than changing accessories, fixtures/hardware, some paint/furniture needed to make new design. We love that we could change it up for a few hundred in a weekend... us fickle superficialist!
Currently the decor is period-compatable and fun, but after a year-long journey of renovations we are feeling more grounded & seasoned than fun. Ideas into a second incarnation have been afoot, radiating a bolder more mature-fun personality (like this pretty lil Kitchen here) than the youthful vibe we are emminating now.
But... no need to continue talking about possible-future-tense (accentuating our being crazed from lack of sleep & dwell greedy), though... if we choose to stay here in SK, this will incubate further. We'll pull ourselves into the present & rejoice with the Kitchen final product (for now). Yum yum.

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