Friday, 27 April 2012

Phase I: Dining Room.a.

Dining Room:
Situated off the Kitchen, Living Room, Library, and hallway to the main floor Bath & Bedroom, the Dining Room was more like a hallway (says wear in hardwood floor).

Original hardwood floors, mouldings, and baseboards, North facing window (view to neighbours), sparkly chandelier (the man loves it's internal geometry, but I'm not in love with it's kitch...).

Natural lighting is limited: so doorway from Kitchen will be reconfigured to become across from S facing Kitchen window, doubling the natural light in the space.

Access to and from the Dining Room was rearranged & traffic flow has been altered, creating a more purposeful space as a Dining Room alone, with access to the Library.

Ducts were re-routed to create the double doorway from Kitchen: structural had to be engineered (this is the supporting wall of the house).

The Dining Room opened up immediately once we removed the wall to the Kitchen... natural light! Huzzah! Reconfiguration of the many awkward doorways was a huge project for Mark, but well worth the effort. The Dining Room is now a Dining Room! Imagine that.

Next Up:
Walls, French doors, baseboards and trims, chair rail will provide the base for the custom wainscoting, and a thicker more decorative crown moulding added... then paint!


  1. Will the french doors from the kitchen into the dining room interfere (sp?) with reswinging the doors from the living room into the dining room? If so, the livingroom furniture will be tricky.

    BTW: I miss you. Thanks for passing on the link to the blog.

  2. Swing of the doors will not interfere with each-other, good call!
    Living Room furniture is still tricky.
    Miss you too xoxo