Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Urban Farming.b. (Philosophy)

Our History:
In our twenty-something years, "getting back to the garden" was taken literally to heart... and we moved to the Farm. We not only moved our little family, but we moved our friends too. There were legendary gatherings, parties, weddings, making babies, and a general time of innocence & confidences.

We moved past our homesteading experiences and evolved our ideals into an urban setting. We were still committed to farm, but our foundation of beliefs had grown past self preservation and into reaching a broader audience to produce a potentially higher impact on the Planet.

The Urban Farm reaches a greater amount of people in our community through: being visible with our food-producing yard, and integrating our own successes with reliance on others. It is a model based upon reducing carbon emission (staying local), creating a safe & supportive environment (by an invested community), and transforming how we live & how we sustain ourselves on a day-to-day basis (sustainability).

There is an outrageous amount of faith leaping involved when you wake up in the morning.

Residing in this Urban setting, we are reaching out for people to make a commitment to sustainability right now. The most common barrier we hear from city-folk is that they can't begin their ideal healthy life without a chunk of land (common phrases amongst leftover hipster thirty-somethingers: "we're just waiting to find the right land to make our homestead", "can't wait to start living off the grid when we find our forever land!"). Move away from the idea great amounts of land are necessary to "get back to the garden", and begin sustainable practices wherever you are now. Apartment balconies, Community Gardens, Food not lawns.

Learning is steep, mistakes are rampant, embarrassment is inevitable, things break, humility is egregious, tears, laughter ensues, love isn't lost, gratitude begins each day again.

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