Friday, 14 September 2012

Urban Farming.a. (Urban Foraging)

Urban Foraging:
We make friends with our neighbours who have neglected or plentiful fruit trees & rhubarb bushes (or other delicaciestreats), harvest for them, gift in return some baked goods, and use the remainder for our table. This has been catching on as a trend with people like Out of Your Tree Saskatoon, along with other trends in Urban Foraging & Guirilla Gardening/Seed Bombing.

The trees (with the man being a previous Arborist) receive some care, the land-owners receive tasty treats & full clean-up, and we lower our food-costs & keep our diet healthy (who doesn't want to eat applecake & ice cream for breakfast? weirdos, that's who).

We have a small freezer in use for a limited time until it is cold enough outside, and we transfer our foraged bounty to the outside freezer: an old dresser inside the front porch.

It's true, folks, this labour is extremely time consuming (harvesting, coring, prep. baking/canning/dehydrating), but we just LOvE and nomnomnom.