Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Phase II: Living Room.b.

Dreams: There is an eclectic range here on the vision-board... hmmmmmm.

Elements of Design: Open space feeling. Clutter is visual: heavy fabric texture and pattern. Storage solutions. Colour is strategic. Rich, thick pile, herringbone, but bitingly streamlined and minimal with firm roots in traditional airs. 

Sacrifices: We are surrendering to the challenges of our tiny budget being eaten whole by the wise investing power of a Kitchen and other essential repairs (btw, the roof got an emergency set of shingles.. the last squeeze out of our fix-it fund), and accepting the even realer reality of compromise for design dreams.
Can't say we are heartbroken as the challenge is a good one and we are just all so very happy to be here and working at it day by day. So... yeah... feel free to send us money if you are interested in seeing a project completed... heh heh ;)

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