Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Phase I: Kitchen.d. (90% Complete)

After the three five eight week delay, and a summer that focused our efforts on exterior fixing & other life adventures, this Kitchen is now up to date. Good thing, because we are spending a lot of time in here these days.

Structural reconfiguration of space, reinforcement of floors, hardwood, customized wood cabinets and island, granite countertop, stainless appliances, apron (farmhaus) sink, upgraded electric & plumbing & gas, craftsman trims & mouldings, ceramic backsplash, open shelving, lighting, & some choice temporary decor. We have liftoff... whoot!

Soft-close drawer hardware (the man was a farmhand in his first incarnation this life - with these soft-close features I hope to not be woken up at 4-in-the-morning with ramming cabinet doors). The cabinets themselves are a huge luxury, and where most of our budget was spent, but well worth it ( AJ @ Mirage Woodworks' high quality craftsmanship milled from solid wood). They are so amazing I want to eat them.

Time: co-ordinating with trades takes time, flexibility, and the ability to stay cool.

Style: at times, we wonder about the temporary fight-club-esque IKEA default in order to establish functional space, but then look at our budget, the clock, and cut ourselves a little slack here.

Real proud of the teenager and giving him props for being such a good sport in this journey in so far. He has happily commenced his self-education on culinary wizardry. Yum diddly nomnom!

Non-stop baking & choice yuppie martini parties before fall kicks us into Phase II renovations with round 2 of ubiquitous drywall dust.

and the Island:
The home-built island will add more much needed storage (from lack of upper wall cabinets), and hide those chunky appliances off the counter. Presently, we have a hidey-hole in the Main Bath to house baking paraphernalia and other kitchen bits. Butcher block top will double our workspace & satiate the oblong work triangle.

There will inevitably be changes to decor as we settle-in... but for now there are other projects to get up to snuff. Truckin' along here...

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