Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Phase II: Library.c. (90% Complete)

Yes, that is LEGO. Now you know our dirty little secret.

Elements & Future:
Besides the bamboo hardwood, all the beefed-up structural you can't see behind the walls, some electrical manouvering, and building in the bookcases, we're not comitted to saying this is the "FINAL" of this room.

Heck, we can't even commit to curtains yet.

Maybe it had to do with having to delay the installation of the bigger window (to look over the also delayed Garden) that tumbled this house-of-cards Library design? Anyhoo... sometimes stuff happens.

Originally, we were envisioning a dark & moody deep teal all-over vibe... but somewhere along the way we got lost & so went with the white + furniture we already had (it's the fallback decor for when we are un-decided... paint is a pain-in-the-ass but easy to change). Now that it is at this stage, the Dining Room is near completion, and the remainder of the main floor (Kitchen, Main Bath, Living Room, Foyer) are starting to suss themselves out into their final-final incarnations, the original deep-teal all-over seems more & more the right move. We are craving more saturation of personality for this space (that seems downright boring at the moment). Sure, this means re-painting the bookcases (zomg... +80 hours here we go!), sourcing out a wood-desk & re-upholstering or sourcing a new chair, + other things not considered as of yet... so we're going to just lay-low for a while, and be content with this space for working in as is (which, to be opportunistically optimistic, is still kinda awesome with the plants & the modern-rustic mishmosh jive).

Patience being a virtue & all...

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