Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Phase III: Family Bath.c.

She's coming around...

We have walls! And bead-board wainscoting + trims. Painted & beautiful.
(Included are some sad little "before wainscoting/trims/paint" pics for ya keeners)

Structurally sound subfloor! We had thought something was spongey... turns out the idiots that lived here cut into another supporting joist = soggy floors (thank goodness we were here to rescue! *superpower theme song*). All fixed & tip top now.

The hex tile took a weekend to install... much fun. ?. But she's a beaut.

Next Up:
(Special thanks to Mum & Dad for being our magic renovation fairy this year = towel warmer!)
And... taking a bath!

Have you heard that we will be featured in Apartment Therapy's Renovation Diary for our Foyer design? Yup yup... exiting news!

After that glimmering dust settles... we'll be ooking forwards to enjoying a summer of the other work, trying to hack together a more-permanent temporary Garden, slave away on the Basement Suite (still no updates to date, folks... just the un-sexy ductwork/electrical/plumbing plunkin' away down there), and a buttload of "finishing touches" that will feel superb to cross off the enormous "to do" list.
This is the plan anyway. And it is a good plan. We're beginning to see the light to this whole renovation/rehab @ 619 yeehaw: that by 3 years total inhabited time we can set sights on lighter improvements (i.e. tray ceilings and refinishing hardwoods)... and maybe finally take a vacation.

Ahem... now about taking that bath... ;)

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