Thursday, 16 January 2014

Phase III. Foyer.b.

Enter house from West through Front Porch into Foyer.
Door to Living Room is to the right, staircase to 2nd floor is omnipresent, door to Kitchen is at the end of the room (past the staircase), and hidden from view is the door to the Basement (under the staircase).

We will be reconfiguring only to add a coat-closet (a modern necessity for living in an upper buy in this winter wonderland).

Floors out. Bulit-in bench out. Carpet on the stairs out.

Sarah's House
Will be trenched for electrical, and then remove the stippled plaster.

Coat closet built. The North wall has a register which cannot be blocked, so we're positioning the closet in the SW corner. Yes, the closet will cover that beautiful oval window (don't worry, you can still appreciate it's character from the Front Porch). As for losing natural light, this small West-facing window is in the shadow of the house and offers only ambient light (think 20W incandescent for 2 hours a day). The huge window in the stairwell is the main source of natural light for the Foyer, and a mirror will be added to bounce around that light equalling a brighter, happier space. Physics agrees!

Sarah's House
After the subfloor is inspected & repaired, marble (or something similar) will be installed in the area from the staircase to West of the Living Room door. Hardwood (remnants from the Kitchen) will be laid in the remaining space. We'll need a transition piece of some sorts... buffering.

These particular ideas came straight from this Sarah Richardson design. So you may blame her influence if you are still all faclempt over our destruction of any "original" elements (the Man & the Woman now quickly run away from any further absurd accusations of destroying your troglodyte aesthetic values).

Good golly we're full of it... this space has been endlessly inspiring. How to pull it all together... we're still working on that!

Perhaps a gallery wall, some colour & texture while remaining simple & clean, a mirror (of course), and overall a feeling of "Honey, I'm home!" kiss kiss hug hug wonderful wonderfullness is to be in the air. Even though we don't really know what it'll look like in the end it'll come together, we just know it will!

On a side-note, we've decided to re-arrange priorities on remaining "finishing" decor until the Foyer project is complete. So we can focus without our usual overdose on coffee coffee coffee, but moreso because we know that this space will be the informer to the rest of our home design-wise, and that we will be taking some risks with it. So, to avoid needing a passport to get from one room to another... hang on as we suss this out in 2014. Fecking love this year already ;)

You can go here to the Foyer project on Apartment Therapy!

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