Sunday, 16 February 2014

Phase III: Family Bath.d. (90% Complete)

Toilet (dual flush), Vanity, Bathtub/Shower... what more could a Bathroom want/need?

Loving the "vintage" vibe of the hex tile & beadboard spliced with the modern lines. This may turn out a o k.

Next Up:
Taking a bath. Srsly.

check out da bling!
Still waiting on the vanity lights... (aka living in buttf*ck Saskatchewan where if you want anything specifically cool & can't find it on Kijiji/local, it's being shipped here from Van or the T-dot in 4-6 weeks... and what they really mean by 4-6 weeks is 12-16 weeks).

We're breaking protocol with some of these elements (not re-used/local) but not getting our panties in a bunch over that fact, either. This house is huge... and it's been a long slow ride renovating by hand... we're  cracking under the pressure to "finish" some spaces by the undeniable urge to live in them. Impatient at best... mid-February in Narnia (otherwise affectionately called "Winter, phase II")... our resolve is broken & we're crying mercy!
The cure? Taking that fecking bath already.
End rant.

Next up... some accessories, decor, and a "reveal"! Fun fun!

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