Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Update: Autumn 2014

In the throws of some sweet renos.
This round is currently delightful, as it is still constructing the Basement Suite (like a mini-house inside our house! META), and fixing the sh*t we didn't totally do right the first time refining previously in-progress, "90% complete", or "final" rooms (Main floor Bath, Family Bath, Kitchen, Library, Dining Room, Living Room). Wouldn't it be a different world if we all didn't make mistakes & everything was perfectly formed the first time? Haha... how are we possibly supposed to know everything there is to know before forging forth & getting messy? We forge ahead & do it anyway... failing, making mistakes... shameless... all in the trust of that divine mistress Process to infuse her gifts of inspiration, innovation, and courage. It's a sweet spot. We are not afraid. Besides, you don't get to judge us. Viewing home, nay, life, as a work-in-progress is not only freeing but it is good. This is just part of our awesome.
So we're messing about with tweaking these spaces, and wondering still about where we will end up next while painting, furniture tetris, co-ordinating trades, and appreciating the day to day grind with a relaxed attitude. Winter is coming... feelin' the chill... getting a little tired of workin' so dang hard... so we're warming this home with more mature tones (Library, Kitchen, and Main Bath), and "finishing" projects (Living Room, Dining Room) to soothe our souls. Hunkerin' down! Stay in tune near 2014 year-end (if all goes to plan) to catch our next update... she'll be a doozy.

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