Monday, 8 September 2014

Intermission: Summer 2014.b.

We spent most of our "project" time @ City Hall/co-ordinating with our trades to slam out this Basement Suite asap (with reconstruction starting Sept 2014), and the rest was pell mell shows, events, walks along the riverbank falling in love with this Cityscape, tomfoolery and general rolling with summertime's bliss as the garden grew (notes: pools w tomatoes not a design meant for this climate of rain & mosquitos). Also, the Foyer project aired on the AT website, which was a lesson in needing a second editor as well as re-establishing that internet trolls are depressing excuses of human life: as enlightened & sensitive human beings, when confronted with the pain of others (in the usual forms of personal attacks/attachment, superiority/inferiority complexities, and blame/not having accountability for your own actions) it is cause for; a.humour, b.restraint to not poke the bear, and c.getting more serious about our life's work making a path for compassionate expression we can all access aka re-dedication to finding another way to interact as human beings to each other on this planet. In other words "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" is how we are approaching personally resolving that experience (not uncommon, as it is basic psychology that a person needs 5 positive instances to counter-act 1 negative). Synchronicity that we officially closed the other job down after tour this year to now just accommodate custom/bespoke items, as the accumulation of STUFF and need to concentrate more upon our passions for reclaiming/sustainability in this new urban way take centre-stage. It's a hell of a lot of work to promote & push forth a new bridge-philosophy of living... send us & our peeps the strength to continue our peaceful revolution, love for all people & the planet, and send us hope that it will catch on.
So... a loaded summers worth for us! We love our life.

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