Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Phase Z: Basement Suite.a. (Update)

Last time it looked like this.
Now she looks like this ta-da!

Beam & Ducting (and subsequent re-routing of Plumbing) complete!
Sure, it doesn't look like much... but this was a diehard task on our nearly-100-year-old home. Many nights of panic-sweating wondering if the whole damn thing was going to *collapse* dramatically a la every Sci-Fi rip in the space-time continuum scene ever into the vortex, the tag-team trades-folk who needed to dance the "work-stop-return-work-stop-return" jig for over a year to complete this phase (re-support/removal of beam, ducting, plumbing, concrete repairs), and the handful of cautionary tales we now have a collection of (i see authoring a future children's book featuring talking pony-walls and the enthralling details of materials resiliency while the man mixes by hand 27 bags of concrete). So YAY FRICKIN' US.

Also, SK Housing Corp. reinstated it's Secondary Suite Program just in time for us (now the delay in our efforts is starting to make more sense in stars aligning/Universe/mysterious ways/hippie jazz kind of way). Stalling was beneficial to the application & acceptance into the program, which will provide a much-needed forgivable loan in exchange for providing housing to the masses in our rapid-growth City. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, we had to change the layout again to meet bureaucratic hopscotching tag. So... smaller suite (way smaller) with rent control it is! At first we considered this a setback, but looking at it with an open mind we are seeing the possibilities & versatility is actually better for us all-round. Hoorah for tolerating accepting embracing change!

The suite is now only ~1/2 of the Basement, leaving us a Rec & Bedroom (teenager claimed) as well as full access to the Mechanical & Wine Cellar. This potentially cuts costs as well as time.

Next Up:
Framing, electrical, soundproofing, and remaining Plumbing for the Bath & Kitchenette.
But, we're also just enjoying life in the dwelling. I dare thee to find drywall dust gathering to plot against us... for at least a few months, anyway.

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