Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Phase III: Foyer.d. (FINAL)


The easiest room yet... dare we say it. No plumbing, no hair-raising (quite literally) overhaul of electrical, no trades to co-ordinate... working our butts off was never so sweet. With this completion of the Foyer, our house actually looks like a really nice House now, just walking in the door. We could get away with selling it for a nice profit (as long as you don't open the door to the basement & don't mind getting your hands a tiny bit dirty with the remaining lipstick fixes & disaster that are our yards), or live in it comfortably for a while (if we were other people who could actually sit still & "settle down"). After 2.5 years of the ole renovation grind... we're pretty happy about this.

Entering the welcome home honey room (Foyer sounds kinda snobby, don't cha think?) is nice and bright, fresh, crisp, and clear. The spaces are divided into "landing pad" where you enter & take off your shoes/coat, and then the hardwood defines where the living spaces begin: doorway to Living Room, Kitchen, and staircase. Thank you Sarah Richardson for that gold nugget! We love that woman, in a totally stalker creepy kinda way.

We ripped out flooring & subfloor, the buit-in bench, and scraped the stippling off the ceiling (arms still throbbing-ache), but kept all but the last 2 steps, the walls, and the doors. Whew! 

Added a Coat closet! Personal fav. When winter hits (Winter on the SK prairies isn't one thing like the music; when it hits you feel lots and lots and lots of pain), this lil gem will be an organizational life-saver. We get it that thee-who-doth-not-live-in-the-Arctic-doth-not-understand-what-it-is-to-live-here and that we need a place to stow away our harpoons, snowshoes, and layers of outerwear made from the skin of ferocious animals in an upper-buy home.

Also: new subfloor & all flooring (hardwood, marble), reconfigured the last 2 steps, made the existing staircase rock fuckn' solid while still using all the original materials, & appliqued some wainscoting. Purdy little room, ain't she?

Elements of Design:
Focussing on the architecture; we chose to tediously repair and then paint out the dark-cavernous wood (it simply must be re-iterated that was unsalvageable in piss poor condition... look at it the wrong way & it would shoot hot splinters at your eyeballs), added the wainscot details (all the way to the 2nd floor) to boost any remaining character, and then pulled the hardwood through from the Kitchen until it meets the new marble landing-pad. Read more about all the other intricacies & doodads (in a cuss-free, polite environment) at Apartment Therapy.

Decor sits ontop the fixed elements... as we are still changing everything about so much still (this damn house is too big), which is nice because we believe good innovative design takes time.

Celebration/Next Up:
Still searching for an acceptable runner to line the stairs (hopefully before the big beast of Winter rolls into town). A runner would be not only sweet on the feet, but dampen the cavernous echo all the way through the 2nd floor that bounces off that beautiful beautiful marble.

Concocting something more *fun* to do in here now that we've completed the base-palette is also on the menu. All in all it's a crisp, clean look... we re-used as much original material as possible, repaired down to the bones to keep her healthy for many more years to come, and then added as fine of finishings as possible for our budget. Not too shabby.

Yes. It's funny cuz we keep saying we'll celebrate with a nice bottle of champagne (like... a nice one) when that fat lady (and no, I'm not talking about YOU when I say that, Justine, you vain toxic cow) sings... and that started when we decided to sell 223. It looked something like this:
"When we put the FOR SALE sign on the lawn"
"When we get an offer"
"When we close the deal"
"When we close the deal on 619"
"When we move in"
"When we get the Kitchen done"
"When we stop drywalling"
"When we're done...."
...you get the picture.
It's always been a not yet kinda thing... rationalized in fear of loss? in frustration of possible postponement & re-scheduling? Of anticipating future catastrophic events that may or not yet happen? Anyway... it's humbling to acknowledge the folly of this false philosophy (a moving the goalposts carrot-stick bullshit oh-so-common in our repressed automaton cum hedonist culture). So, listen up: no matter what the state of affairs is currently in WE HAVE ARRIVED. And we're getting that fucking bottle of Dom, like, now, bitches. So join us & bubble-up!

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  1. Any chance you could share the artist's name who did the large scale artwork on the wall?