Thursday, 21 November 2013

Phase III. Family Bath.b. (update)

Ooh-la-la! Sexy Plumbing!
What a mess.
But on our way...

Budget dictated, at $450 we are scrapping the lux towel-warming goodness... for now. Still wiring for it according to the specs, and hoping the magic renovation-fairy will grace our hard-work with it's shiny warming happy glow sometime soon :)
Until then... normal-temperature towels for us! #firstworldproblems

...and a Library update:
We're installing & painting out those bookcases like a boss.
Budget also dictated no wallpaper this time around... hooboy that magic renovation-fairy will be busy @ our house!

While the work is truckin' along... we celebrated our 2nd anniversary here @ the House on Sunday. Although we're still in the thick of it, and with little time to come up for air (with no prospects in the near future), it's nice to take a little time & reflect upon what we've accomplished. Not so lazy after all! Gold star right here, folks.

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