Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Phase II: Library.b.

Damn things took a century to paint. But oh-so fabulous!

Still to do:
Electrical face-plates & light installed, shelf inserts installed, curtains & decor/move-in.

Wallpaper (ahem).
Bigger window @ East end. More light!
More storage: tossing around the idea of a slim fauxdenza on the North (the big blank one) wall... will see how the current layout works once move-in has commenced.

But at the moment... we're busting asses o'er here to get the house together for the great annual influx of far-away friends! This year... house is so different than the last... it's pretty frickin' amazing what can be done in a year if you cut out the non-essentials like sleep and fun haha *sigh*.

Merry Merry & whatevers y'all. We hope you find sweet second-hand/handmade-local scores for your kids to play with, gift the grown-ups in your life food/shelter with hugs/smiles, and give & receive to each other your time & attention... keep it real & out of the landfill, folks!

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