Friday, 25 October 2013

Opinion Poll: Library

While we complete the drywall, still chuckin' around the wallpaper schematic... and running out of time to order & install! Feelin' the white rabbit vibe over here. Needless to say, we've gone from black to blue to orange with our colourway... a little throwback from the audience would be helpful. What say you? A stunner with rich orange wallpaper (Pomegranate), or the adorable Abigail Edwards black & white with the orange punch of colour in a rug? #firstworldproblems
Elements to consider:
Dining Room is white on white w teak & lucite bling, cowhide & natural fibres... with the serious consideration of Emerald velvet curtains (but these are not visible from the Library).
Bookcases are white with medium-dark grey backboard.
Hardwood is an expresso stained Bamboo.

What else is kickin' in the digs? Well... Plumber gave our house an ill-bill, so we're replacing our stack & moving our water meter (while installing the expansion tank) + the usual waiting and flakiness of trades-folk in this Boomtown. So, we're busy waiting and agonizing over Library wallpaper as we drywall :P

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