Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Phase III: Exterior/Yard (update)

Summer blew across the prairie and kept us mighty busy with houseness.

Apart from this, that, and the other things, some projects were noteworthy of completion (or near-to).

old & busted
new  hotness

Our neighbours rock. With 9 month old Beth in tow, we ripped out & built a new fence together (no panels here, all from scratch!). New to power-tools, those people were impressively fast learners & good beer-swillers to boot. Thanks, neighbours to the North! Let's chum around again soon :)

We are still painting the Exterior (3 sides this year are almost complete: West-facade, South, and East) and fingers-crossed to update soon on how utterly smashing it looks. There were problems challenges to overcome as we went along (replacing much of the roof joists), but she's a healthier house now even if a little late.
Hey... ya know what? 3 storeys up is a helluva height. Who knew the Missus wasn't a fan of way the fuck up there? Well, a week of crying in fear of falling to death was worth it, that gingerbreading looks incredible (will show ya that later). Here's to doing things that scare you, Bravo!

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