Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Phase II: Library.a. (again)

(previously Phase I) April 2012 was our last update on this room.
This room (my personal favourite room) has been a point of contention, as the roofing debacle resulted in it's flooding (spring 2013) and subsequent demolition of all the work we had invested to that point. Boourns.
So... here we are again.
Thankfully, we can save the Bamboo flooring (installed 2012).

Newspaper insulation: circa 1971! Oh house...  <3

When this addition was added, the exterior siding was not removed! Holla!

We added extra structural to the walls & ceilings so as to support a "Green Roof" in the future..
Next Up:
Insulation, drywall, yada yada.
Hang in there, baby.

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