Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Phase III: Family Bath.a.

Family Bath
Here's what she looks like now. 
What you cannot see is how the floor bends (the last remaining tell-tale signs of the previous vortex that existed in this house: where we can only assume behaved like some House of Leaves entity and felt as though it was converging into one sci-fi singularity very very slowly. Inspection could not explain the anomaly, but we have been reinforcing structural as we go, and the changing of the main floorplan remedied the situation almost completely). Which is quite disturbing while on the throne. This will be fixed.

Demolition (complete) will commence in a week or so.

When renovating the Master Bedroom we stole some space from one of the rooms to extend this Bath into. Thank goodness... although as is isn't terrible small, it's not conducive to being the only Bathroom servicing 4 bedrooms. So bigger we go!
Plumbing will be shifted to accommodate.

This one was a no-brainer. We saw a magazine photo that was perfect for what we wanted & stopped thinking about it after that. Designwise, not a challenge... patience-wise we've been waiting/putting other urgent projects ahead of her for over a year... so not doing so well with that virtue.

Here's the magazine photos:

We'll be omitting the floor-ceiling subway tile (going in the Main Bath later) in place of bead-board wainscoting plate-rail height. Possibly introducing some colour in the wall on-top... vintage-inspired Robin's egg blue anyone? Also the bathtub/shower will be freestanding.

The previous clawfoot bath, pedastel sink, and "torpedo" throne? They will migrate to the Basement Bath (paired with a diamond checkerboard ceramic tile) and be gorgeous again. 

Other inspiring photos? Don't mind if I do!

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