Monday, 26 November 2012

Phase II: Master Bedroom.c.

Walls and floors ripped & reconfigured, patched, painted, new Low-VOC Eco-carpet. Have a looksee at the difference a coat of paint & carpet can do!

The Elephant:
Yah... I know... BEIGE. WTF? Life is too short for beige. Especially with colour being so sexy.

I admit it. I chickened out. Not worth having a Xanax moment over it, especially with so much going on around here these days... so the man suggested this brilliant piece of wisdom: "We can paint again later". Huzzah! I knew I kept him around for a reason besides his good looks.

Besides... I found this flocked velvety teal fabricgasm. Hot diggity. I promise to love it and cherish it and dress this room in it's luxurious glorious flockity-tealness forever and ever. Nomnomnom.

Craftsman trims, window treatments, assemblage of furniture, lighting, decor, change everything all over again (haha...), move in! 

Things change, especially with our ideas and design (a more accurate term would be design whiplash). So we are learning that it is necessary to let things go simply for the reason that they are heavy.

Best part: we are getting so damn good at working in flux, it is becoming fun. Hang ten!

We gathered a microbus-load of IKEA (shame spiral pending). 
PAX wardrobe is on the go, and MALM bed pending SKORVA midbeam in the mail this week ("SKORVA" translates from Swedish into "return to the store"). DIYing the heck outta this bedroom!

Fun Times:
There was panic and hilarity for the man and teenager when fitting the King sized mattress up the stairs, PAX-induced fits are still rampant, and kitties HEART cardboard.

Ohyeah... IKEA sent us too much stuff. Yay? Want some PAX cupboards in white? We have four with your name on them. Call me.

News about Sleep:
Still under construction.  
Please send beer.

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