Saturday, 3 November 2012

Phase II: Dining Room.c.

 Remember this weirdness? Still in an embarrassing state & I really didn't want to post like this... messy girl! But... it's about the journey, and it's winter, I'm full of excuses, and I'm being too hard on us from lack of sleep because we're working.

It is very nice to not have this room as a catch-all hallway as it has been over the past almost-year. Although walls, trims, etc. are still in progress, this is now a functioning space for us.  

Isn't is fun how things change? We think so. 
Those Wegner chairs ended up (for now) in the Kitchen nook, as a happy surprise. It dumbs down the decor: the ghost chairs play off the chrome & crystal of the chandelier... and makes us feel badass. This is the motorcycle of our house brrrrwrnnnnnn brrrwrnnnnnmm MMM MM mm!

Homage to the man's roots. Layered over a hemp 12x9 for a warm style.

Danish Teak Credenza:
Another thrifted find, for a fabulous price ($70!). I have become a bargain-hunter thrill-seeker. It is perfect. We love.

Tweaked design because of time & money (I sense a theme developing?). But, more so than in other rooms, I'm pleased with the restraints.

Original Wood:
Original wood trims will be painted-over if they can't be salvaged and restored. I know, we are awful people disgracing your 1980's aesthetic values. Hey... you don't get to judge us.

Up Next:
More Yellow:
Searching for crushed yellow velvet for the curtains to span the entire north wall. Anyone got a lead on some for our miniscule budget? This crappy baby-poo yellow curtain will be a stand-in until we are blessed with said yellow. Please, close your eyes for a moment & bless us with yellow. Thankyouverymuch.

Removing that gawdawful Hummel-shelf over the Library door; wallpaper & paint on the walls (white on white on white); heavy crowns, trim, and wainscoting; and black glossy ceiling. It'll be a stunner.

Yes. please. 

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