Saturday, 3 November 2012

Phase II: Living Room.c.

Much like the Dining Room, the Living Room is in a state I am embarrassed to call design... because it is not.

At least we have waltzed into the progress-stage and created a cozy little oasis to snuggle while we plan the garden over Sunday morning coffee... a clear inspiring space for evening meditation & Yoga practice... it is simple, warm, and inviting for winter napping.

Upper portion of walls painted, energy boosting draperies, re-arrangeing the furniture... and coziness commencing.

Next Up:
Wainscoting on the lower half of the walls, and a re-do of crowns & baseboards are coming this wintersleep: adding more architecture to the space. Our efforts in this room will be concentrated on the permanent fixtures.

I've got indigo and neon ideas  for in here... just have to wait for it.

Ohyeah... and still waiting to be blessed with the chair... ahem ahem. 

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