Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Phase II: Living Room.a.

Features: Original hardwood floors & some mouldings, South & West facing windows, addition space.

Floorplan: Awkward layout with doors on the East & South end. An addition (circa 1970) increased the square footage on the West end but the left a "doorway" effect in the wall, dividing the full potential of the space. We spent our full construction budget on the Kitchen and Dining Room, so these features are now a "delightful quirkiness" to design arond. Yay.

Process: Insofar we've been utilizing this space for a multi-purpose-not-a-flithy-construction-zone room. With the major construction out of the way, we can at last inhabit the Living Room as a Living Room... how quaint! 
Dreams: To have some living space to relax in during the long winter ahead! Without available funds (yet) and some major reconstruction on our plates for the time being, it will prove a challenge.

Elements of Design:
Re-use of the shag rug from 223 (aka "the dog"), vintage-finds, and a mid-century style couch are our trusty staples. I'm thinking tweed-jacket-with-elbow-patches hipster-english-Professor type personality out with his vintage-loving ultra-feminine-smartypants girlfriend at a private book-reading before an evening of contemporary jazz and cool-cat schmoozing + reefer kind of look. Boom.

Next Up: Painting, some deco & textiles (full-length drapes, throw pillows, etc.) in the coming weeks in-between the apple urban harvest and other day-to-dayness.

Future: Hopefully (fingers crossed, peeps!) this coming winter we will complete the custom wainscoting on the lower half of the walls, re-fit the crowns & baseboards (which are in a sad sorry state of DIY from the previous installer), and find that elusive teak chair to re-finish (anyone have one to donate in exchange for organic handmade applecake/applesauce/applepie/applejuice... anyone? call me).

Many other things to occupy this mind in the tender meanwhile... like perhaps the enormous list of tasks to complete the Main Floor Bath, Kitchen, and Dining Room!

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