Monday, 9 July 2012

Phase I: Kitchen.c. (Update)

Kitchen Update:
A taste more progress has been made to the Kitchen, although delays are still being introduced (waiting for the remaining cupboard elements & island components).

Countertops: granite. Hoo boy this was a struggle! Causing the major delay & major hassle to this project due to poor business practices by this company (Creative Glass & Mirror). Impressed with the granite quality, not impressed with the people & their mile long excuses... booooo. Learning experience! Yay.

Plumbing & Electrical: in. Hoorah! Much eating and rejoicing commenced. The best: dishwasher! My hands may return to their former glory.

Backsplash, trims & mouldings (extra care here by the man to create craftsman mouldings), open shelving, and some select pieces of furniture.

She's coming along... but now we must focus elsewhere as the prairie summer rolls...

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