Friday, 4 July 2014

Intermission: Summer 2014.a.

WMCI class of 2014. photo cred: Pops Irvine

double tap

619 kaleidoscope. photo cred: Melanie

Ms. Lauryn Hill. photo cred: Michelle Berg

Aside from the OMG THIS IS WHAT SUMMER FEELS LIKE WHEN WE'RE NOT RENOVATING EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME general tomfoolery going on over here, there's a load of this & that we're bouncing around.

The Big Projects: Packing up the other job from seasonal tours (the last ever, may we add!), handling the interactive Foyer project, picking away at the Basement, working on minor Exterior fixin' while the weather is appeasing, and hardcore saving pennies for the Garden because our transient ghetto garden in the hot mess of our yard is super fecking ugly (although it is also super fecking effective).

The Smaller Projects: our perfect & finished Kitchen and Main Bath are getting a minor facelift (the Bath just accepted hookups to a washer/dryer for when the Basement Suite is renting, which took out 1/2 the walls... so "repairs were a great opportunity for change". The Kitchen just kinda happened as spill-over from there). The Family Bath and it's adjoining Stairwell and 2nd floor landing are also in the process of becoming "lived in". Yes... General tweaking and putzing around is afoot. Which brings mixed feelings about how much we really love this house, and the inevitability that it isn't our forever home. So... focussing on gratitude that we are able to experience the privilege of living & working in this home for whatever time that may be, and enjoying ourselves. 

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