Friday, 9 May 2014

Phaze Z: Basement Suite.a.

Basement Suite:
we can now walk upright in the Basement!

All was ripped out before... we've been in the "build it back up" stage for about a year... yay. All we can hear is $$$ rolling down the drain as we bust balls to get this suite in lickity-split! Apparently lickity-split means 1.5+ years (which is actually only 6 months in DIY years).

Ducting out! Electrical out! Beam out! What you see here is the pony walls keeping our humpty-dumpty house from falling apart while the Ducting/Electrical is re-routed before the Beam goes in. Sexy.

Ducting (separate ducting & HRV for the suite) is being re-routed to the exterior walls for head-room. It took about a year to find a tin-basher that would a. return our call-to-service, b. be awesome, and c. do the work for a song due to point b. Props to sourcing our trades through unconventional channels! Yes, through trial & error we've compiled quite the excellent team of trades now... and are happily prepared if we were to do this all over again to another house in SK (oh please erhmergerd no). 

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Surprised? No, us neither.

Coat-closet added at bottom of stairs (not only for more convenient storage, but for the added bonus of making moving large pieces of furniture in & out waaaaaaaaaaaay easier). 

Door to mechanical will be accessed through the Bathroom. I know? Weird, eh? But totally practical. It allows the Living Area to have a greater "living area" by not breaking up the wall with a doorway. Technically, the Mech room (also houses the Laundry & from that the secret Wine Cellar) isn't part of the suite (fire door/walls), although tennent will have access for Laundry because we're like totally super nice people.

Remaining placements are falling into place, but we know the process will change things as we go! 

Aiming for September '15 occupancy. This one's going to take a while. Good thing were ok i guess SUPER STOKED about getting messy with it... ye ole house is starting to look fine indeed; it's got our reno-wahoo all exited!

Next Up:
Beam & Ducting to complete. 
Walls framed, Bonus Room floor raised & water membrane in, Electrical/Plumbing.
Go team!

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