Sunday, 28 April 2013

Phase III: Exterior.a.

Colour Palette:
Hoorah! Prompted by the tardy arrival of spring on the prairie... like... yesterday... the junk that was cluttering up our brain-space cleared up (analogous to the 25' of snow that has finally started to receed), leaving room for thoughts on... ya know... stuff.

After making a b/w template of the exterior through an old skool method of scan+sketch (cuz we analog like that), we used a program called Seashore to "colour in" the house options, starting with the current WASPesque style-situation of beige + whatever...
...and then give it a little razzle-dazzle.
(Oh... those two circles represent the accent colours in accessories).
By choosing the "same" colour scheme, we could potentially save $$$ by not having to worry about triple-coating the paint for fair coverage, just a little scrape & paint ++
Alas, when we looked closer (I admit we like to blur the eyes to reduce our impending stress-level when it comes to this money-pit gorgeous old turn-of-the-century House) at the condition of the paint, it was an inevitable total re-do of what was there, so... why not get a little funkier? Yah, we couldn't come up with a good enough reason not to roll the dice either.
So, we looked at other colour schemes and plunked some of them into Seashore... like the Mod (grey + white + almost black brown)...
which is nice, but our neighbours across the street have pretty much got it cased, so moving on...
There's a building on Broadway called the "Empyreal Building/Emily's" and so we tried to emulate that theme with a little lemon-lime punch...

...which didn't sit well with us, gothicly spectacular as it is. So, with gigantic tub of Green Exterior paint in-hand (because OF COURSE WE WERE SURE. Good Lord will we ever fecking learn? Haha... I hope not!) swatches & samples were splattered on House & on paper/Seashore. Ultimately, we just ran out of time & had to choose... so carted the already neon-yellow Adirondack's (painted earlier in the year because neon.yellow) onto the boulevard with some tasty extremely alcoholic beverages and boom.
Our (future) pretties!
Green (olive), green (avocado), green (lime), yellow (neon lemon), white, and dark brown (that looks grey on here... ???) that is the same as the front door. Yah... brown shingles... we know. Live a little kk? Future fancy cedar shakes pending for when you send us piles of money for being cool :P
Yeah baby! Knockin' 'em down one by one. This house keeps gettin' better & better!
Red (or some racy Hot-Pink???) flowers & X-Mas lights are our choice of bling.
Pictures of the finished house to come... if it ever gets finished ;)

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