Friday, 11 January 2013

Intermission: Winter @ 619

Reflecting upon January 2012... we remember this fun teary-downy stuff just about to commence in the "Kitchen" (BEFORE).

Gnarly, eh?

When we make the time to think about it, it's incredible we've turned our neglected pile of house into this (AFTER) by simply focusing our superpowers (and coffee, let us not forget coffee played a starring role... all hail!). This reminds us that we are capable of surviving process, and can do just about anything as the creators of our life experience. We are humbled. 

So... with this re-affirmation in mind (and the daily boost of living in an almost-completely complete Kitchen), we set onwards... well... in a bit we will...

Winter, Phase II is about to kick ass on the prairie, and I missed my method to cope last year during the part where we ripped our house open renovations... craftiness. The teenager and man have their own secret methods of endurance (first-person shooter videogames, rampant witticisms, and capital B Beer).

This house is happily re-charging until February. 

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