Saturday, 22 December 2012

Intermission: Still life in 619

Wintersleep is seeping into the house life... with the major reno's of our living spaces at a bearable comfortable level of not stripped down to studs completion, we're taking a break to enjoy each others' company, appreciating just how far we've busted ass to get exactly where we are today, and enjoying some well-deserved afterglow.
Hello neighbours! Hello previously-in-storage vinyl collection! Hello 6 precious hours of daylight! Hello reading! Hello nog! We are so pleased to see you again after what seems like a year of the solid-house-grind jitterbug...

Stay in tune... we will continue the journey of house-stuff in the near future (beginning the last "major" living-space project of the Family Bath, finishing the Master Bedroom to resemble human beings living in it, and planning a garden). We've let the Dining Room plans slide, and watched other things we thought we'd want to do over the winter break degrade into meh in favour of loving our life together a little deeper... good for us! Bring on Lou Reed and a teenagers newfound appreciation of vinyl, ubiquitous mimosas + morning snuggles, snowshoes and horror frost, studio organization & fabric lust, the man's island craftsmanship in walnut, late nights of heady philosophy & RISK!... it's on.

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